Chiropractic integration into emergency rooms




People who accidentally find themselves in the unfortunate situation of needing

hospital emergency room services may soon have a greater likelihood of

discovering that the services of a chiropractor will be available to them. For

some, this could be the most fortunate part about their ER visit.

This trend toward chiropractors working in the ER setting is gaining support

in the state of New York. How it develops there, and how medical doctors and

patients alike receive it, could have an influence on how quickly the idea

spreads to other areas of the country.

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to think of many ways that Chiropractic

services could benefit a person in the ER. Car accident victims, persons who

experience falls in the home, sports injuries and even simple twists and sprain

sufferers could often be handled more quickly and efficiently with the special

expertise that Chiropractic training would bring to the table in both diagnosis

and treatment.

How the idea of chiropractors in the ER spreads across the country may

depend to some degree on how it is promoted and accepted in New York.

Currently, the head of the New York State Chiropractic Association is leading a

campaign to initiate wide-scale inclusion of services into state hospitals. Doing

so involves educating chiropractors and medical doctors alike to the benefits of

working cooperatively to provide patient services.

Chiropractic integration into emergency rooms in New York City is moving

forward in one very busy hospital setting. The newly slated Emergency

Department Director at the hospital established an on-call program within

weeks of taking over on her new job. She declared that, “adding chiropractors

to the ED [Emergency Department] was the best change I had witnessed in all

my years as an ED physician.”


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