Pole-Vault no34232

With more and more teens participating in sports these days, the chances for an accident

or injury to the neck, spinal column, and back are higher than ever. In few other

sports than pole vaulting, is the possibility for a life-changing injury possible with every

attempted leap toward the sky.

One dramatic case of a 17-year-old pole vaulter who fell on his head from a height of

10 feet did have a very happy conclusion as a result of Chiropractic intervention.

However, before he sought the help of a Chiropractor who put his body back in working

order, his life was anything but pleasant.

The athlete was competing in a high school track meet when the accident occurred.

Immediately after the fall on his head from about 10 feet above ground he noticed the

onset of neck pain that was focused at the base of his skull. His condition only worsened

from that point in time.

Soon he began suffering from back pains, which he described as unbearable, everyday

occurrences. He also reported daily headaches with severe migraines occurring approximately

3 days per week. Several days after the accident, he began experiencing blackouts

— some time later were identified as petit mal seizures. These increased until he had

them 4 times per day.

Within 6 months he was experiencing depression, loss of appetite, lethargy, lack of

concern for himself and erratic sleeping patterns. As time went on, he even had a bout

with illegal drugs and rehabilitation. These symptoms continued for 6 long years. During

this time period, he and his parents consulted with approximately 24 medical practitioners.

Prescribed medications and treatments all failed.

Finally, the young man sought the help of a chiropractor. An examination was performed

and the patient was found to be suffering from a subluxation (a minor misalignment

of the vertebra) to the upper neck. The chiropractor immediately began a course of

adjustments to correct the subluxation and to reduce pressure on nerves in the area.

The results were nothing short of life-changing for the young man. After one month of

care he reported an absence of seizures, reduced depression and improved sleep patterns.

After 4 months, migraine headaches were reduced to only about 2 per month. Within 7

months, all of the symptoms were completely gone. One final follow-up 18 months later

showed all symptoms remained gone. How different could 6 years of this young athlete’s

life have been had he visited a chiropractor immediately after he had the accident!


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